Aid and collaborations Leader

Castell del Remei is a winery located in the region of La Noguera, next to the neighbouring regions of Urgell and Pla d’Urgell.

Situated in the middle of the plain, the estate is a reference place in the whole environment. In addition to the winery, it includes the 19th century Castle, the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Remedio, the ponds, the mill, as well as a restaurant and a privileged environment as a former agricultural colony.

Project 2017

The main initiative has been the insulation of the roof of part of the winery, specifically the shop, offices and exhibition hall, which has achieved significant energy savings. Other initiatives have been the burying of the overhead power lines of the estate, as well as the opening of ditches for cabbage – locar instala – irrigation facilities for a future partial landscaping of the estate. Inside the winery, the investment has been earmarked for the coating and painting of the floor and the acquisition of a new electric trolley by the warehouse.

Project 2018

Continuing with the previous project, the main investment is focused on the insulation of the rest of the roof and reinforcement of the structure to accommodate a new space for exhibition hall, in line with the aim of improving our services. We will also invest in a new labelling machine to maximise the bottling line.