Exotic and fresh young white wine.

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeo and White Grenache.
Alcohol: 11,5% Vol.
Production: Pellicular maceration. Controlled fermentation of the different varieties in stainless steel tanks, separately, at a temperature of 16ºC. Aged on lees in stainless steel.

A white wine that stands out on the palate with its characteristic salinity, reflecting the minerality of the Macabeo variety. Balance and freshness to the fullest. To be enjoyed sitting down at a dinner table with great food, or standing up in good company.

Pale golden colour with greenish reflections. Clean and bright with floral notes and hints of exotic fruits, and the flavour of white fruits, which turn into fig leaves and green apples. Fresh, balanced and with a touch of sweetness.

Peñín ’21: Vintage 2019, 89 points.


Fine, vintage wine aged in oak, balanced and elegant.

Varieties: Grenache, Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Alcohol: 14% Vol.
Production: No added sulphur during the vinification process until malolactic fermentation. Short maceration with little extraction. Fermentation between 22 and 26ºC. Periodic remontage.
Ageing: 8 months in 225-litre American and French oak barrels.

Balance is what defines Gotim Bru. The winery’s flagship product, this avant-garde classic is as young and informal as it is distinguished with its own heritage. It’s an expres- sive and elegant wine that distils history and recalls the freshness of the continental climate where it’s grown. After many years in the market, it is considered the finest example of the DO capacities.


Medium intensity cherry colour, with a garnet trim. Dense legs. It has great aromatic power and complexity; notes of berry jam, together with hints of milk, toasty notes and sweet spices. When decanted, mineral aromas appear with pastry notes, stewed fruit and hints of aromatic herbs, such as thyme. On the palate it is sweet and voluptuous. The tannins are smooth and fill the palate. The acidity is present from attack to finish and provides freshness. Very long and balanced aftertaste. The finish has hints of nuts and wafers.


Dr. Owen Bargreen: Vintage 2018, 90 points.

Guía Peñín ’21: Vintage 2018, 89 points.

Vinous Media by Josh Raynolds: Vintage 2017, 90 points.

“View from the Cellar” from John Gilman: 89+ points.


Full-bodied and fatty white wine, fermented and aged in wood.

Varieties: Chardonnay and Macabeo.
Alcohol: 13% Vol.
Production: Fermentation begins in stainless steel tanks. Before the fermentation finishes with a density of 1030, it is moved to the barrel where the fermentation ends and the aging begins. The malolactic fermentation is not carried out to maintain a natural acidity. Lees are periodically stirred, according to the tasting.
Ageing: 6 months in one and two-year-old American oak barrels, with stirring of the lees.

A fatty and creamy white wine that, together with the marked acidity, offers the guaran- tee of a firm longevity. The ripe fruit and minerality that arises is latent both on the nose and palate.


Pale gold with many reflections. Intense, filling the mouth with fatty sensations ranging from toasty notes and baked apple to freshly cut wood shavings, along with butter and pastry notes. It is creamy and with a long aftertaste.


Vivir el Vino ’22: Vintage 2019, 90 points.

Guía Peñín ’21: Vintage 2019, 89 points.

Korean Wine Challenged ’20: Vintage 2018, Gold.


Corpulent red wine aged in wood.

Varieties: Tempranillo, Grenache, Syrah and Merlot.
Alcohol: 15% Vol.
Production: No added sulphur during the vinification process until malolactic fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation between 22 and 26ºC. Periodic remontage. Maceration for about 6 days. Vinification in 10,000 L tank.
Aging: 12 months in one and two-year-old 225 L French (60%) and American (40%) oak barrels. Bottle aging for 6 months before going to market.

Optimal sunshine for vineyards that mature slowly. The result is rounded off by the nobility of the best barrels for aging. Complex and firm wine with a lot of depth and notes that are fusion of spices with ripe fruit.


Cherry colour with bright reflections and great depth. Balsamic and cedar aromas from aging. When decanted, it reveals hints of candied black fruits with mineral notes. On the palate, the tannins with sweet nuances give way to the acidity that persists on the palate and gives it an aftertaste of dried fruit.


Peñín ’22: Vintage 2019, 90 points.

Guía Gourmet ’22: Vintage 2019, 92 points.


First single varietal of Castell del Remei. Partial whole-cluster fermentation, intense and deep.

Varieties: 100% Grenache.
Alcohol: 14,5% Vol.
Fermentation: Two different devise for the same Grenache and one final blend. A 4.500L Tonneau half-filled with full-clustered grapes and half destemmed. Remainder in a stainless steel tank. Once fermentation completed, wine run-off.
Maceration: 7 weeks in total, including 25 days pumping-up and 25 days with no-intervention.
Ageing: 1/3 of the wine lasts 50 days in a French Oak Tonneau.

Wine result from a single plot Grenache vineyard of 5Has named Alts del Castell.


This Grenache 2020 is a smooth, sleek, ruby colour wine with some nice spice on the mid-palate. The color is an inky crimson red with black highlights. The nose is rich blackberry, black licorice, soft spice, a little mocha, raspberry, and light herbs. It tastes intense blackberry, softer plum, black pepper, a salty sensation, licorice, with mild tannins. The mid-palate offers a nice contrast from a blast of exotic spice, followed by raspberry and forest herbs.


Red wine for laying down with a lot of structure and aged in new wood. Mineral and structured.

Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Garnacha.
Alcohol: 14, 5% Vol.
Production: No added sulphur during the vinification process until malolactic fermenta- tion. Fermentation between 22 and 26ºC and maceration in a 10,000 L tank, where the malolactic fermentation also takes place, to later be matured in one and two-year-old 225 L French and American oak barrels.
Aging: 18 months in new French and American oak barrels.

Very carefully selected from the vineyard to build a wine that bears the name of the first year in which winemaking was documented in Castell del Remei. Prolonged aging in new French and American oak barrels to polish it off. The result is a fruit concentration that hides behind a structure of well-rounded tannins.


Cherry colour, medium-high layer with garnet reflections. Dense and coloured legs. High intensity aromas. Smoked, spicy and cedar notes along with hints of balsamic. When decanted, it expresses all the aromatic complexity with notes of black fruits in jam, cocoa and hints of minerals, toasty notes and graphite. Sweet on the palate with a lot of volume. Subsequently, the tannins make a strong appearance, which are mature at the same time, while the acidity brings freshness. Very long aftertaste, slightly bitter. The finish has hints of chocolate, tobacco leaf and a dark-roasted flavour.


Peñín ’22: Vintage 2018, 91 points.

Guía Gourmet ’22: Vintage 2018, 93 points.


Castell de Remei retrieves its traditional elaboration with this historic herbal aromatic recipe for making this classy vermouth.

Alcohol: 15% Vol.

Elaboration: Base wine comes from low alcohol macabeo grapes; close to 11ºC. Most of the fermentation takes place in inox tanks under temperature control and the aromatic herbs soak taking a month maceration in white wine and alcohol. Once this maceration is ready it blends with the base wine acquiring all the aromas and taste pleasures from the herbs.

Storage/preservation: Keep in a fresh and dry place away from heat & light sources.


Herbs and wine selection reminisces about holy herbs, the gipsy and gentian herb, blessed thistle and spicies like nutmeg and saffron with a citrus end of orange peel. Fruity and spicy aroma, sweet and bitter taste and amber color.


Wine vinegar. Made naturally with top quality unpressed wine made from free-run juice, and aged in oak barrels for many years. With a ripe cherry colour, it gives off an intense and slightly fruity aroma with a pleasant acidity on the palate.

Total acidity: 65 g/L
Residual alcohol: 1,5% Vol.
Sediments: Natural product that can produce sediments over time.

TASTING NOTE: Ripe cherry in color, gives off an intense and slightly fruity aroma with a high acidity pleasant on the palate.

Minimum duration date: 5 years.
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool, dry place.


La Cuvée comes from a careful selection of wines, to which no sugar is added to get a Brut Nature and those that are aged for a long time to obtain the delicate bubble of a Reserva wine.
La Cuvée Reserva by Castell del Remei is a fine and elegant cava, perfect for accompanying those special moments.

Varieties: Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada.

Alcohol: 11% Vol.

Aging: Reserva. Minimum of 15 months at a constant temperature of 18ºC.


Very pale yellow colour with green highlights, forming a fine string of small and persistent bubbles that form a defined mousse, as befits its artisanal and slow production process.
Intense, elegant and clean aroma, fruity hints of green apples and citrus with a very nice bottom note of breadcrumbs, nuts and dairy due to the secondary fermentation in the bottle.
On the palate it achieves a great balance between its alcoholic strength and acidity, in addition to the fatty component from the aging on lees that provides breadth and a pleasant aftertaste.


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